The Center for Energy & Society asks four core questions that explore the power of the clean energy revolution to transform the human future.

How can organizations better navigate the human complexities of energy transitions?

Through the Navigating Energy Transitions initiative, faculty and students are working with business, policy, and civil society leaders to help cities, states, and companies understand the challenges of clean energy transitions and navigate their complexities.

How do we end energy injustice?

For over two centuries, our current energy systems have helped advance progress for some and undermined progress for others. Through the Grassroots Energy Innovation Laboratory, faculty and students are building a global alliance of partners dedicated to building new kinds of energy systems, from the ground up, in partnership with communities, that free people from poverty, inequality, injustice, and oppression.

How can we imagine and design the futures that we want?

At ASU, our motto is, in the word’s of President Michael Crow, “the world is not a predetermined set of outcomes.” We can design the future that we want. In the Just and Sustainable Energy Futures initiative, faculty and students ask what kind of world we want to build out of the amazingly flexible and powerful building blocks of solar energy and social innovation–and how we can get to that future from where we are.

What does it mean to put people at the heart of the energy revolution?

In the world of energy, we’re so used to thinking about energy as a technology problem that we don’t even think about it any more. In the People-Centered Energy initiative, we’re building new tools, methods, theories, and datasets for ensuring that energy research and planning can fully incorporate people into the design of energy futures.

Let’s build the future together.

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