Enhancing Energy Projects through Social Value Creation: A Training Program

Program Overview

Welcome to our training program: Enhancing Energy Projects through Social Value Creation!

We’re delighted that you’re here.

This program is for anyone involved in designing or setting up energy projects. It is intended to help you learn how to design your energy projects so that they maximize their social impact and benefit.

We encourage you to watch the overview video below.

Then dive in to Course 1, which introduces the key idea of the training program, the social value of energy, and how you can use it to improve energy project design.

Course 2 follows with insights into energy users and how energy projects can strengthen their ability to enhance their capabilities.

Course 3 describes the energy-poverty nexus, which helps explain why energy projects not only sometimes fail to create social and economic benefits but can even undermine financial and human security. By approaching their design in the right way, energy projects can avoid these outcomes and even become generative of long-term community wellbeing and thriving.

Course 4 provides deeper insights into the data, tools, and methods that can be used to measure the social value and impact of energy and energy use.

Dr. Clark A. Miller, Director of the ASU Center for Energy & Society, provides an overview of the training program.

Password Protection

Below you will find links to the course pages. The training is free but password protected. Once you click on a link, it will request a password. To receive a password to access the training, please send your name, email, and institutional affiliation to Professor Clark Miller at clark.miller@asu.edu.

Course Links

The first three courses provide an overview of the key ideas and concepts you will need to design your energy project for maximum social and economic impact.

Course 1: The Social Value of Energy

Course 2: User Capabilities and Social Value Creation

Course 3: The Energy-Poverty Nexus

A fourth course is also available that provides a more detailed treatment of the methodology used to pursue research on the social value of energy, designed specifically for researchers.

Course 4: Tools and Methods


This training program was developed as part of the project “Enhancing the Social and Economic Impact of Energy Projects through Social Value Creation in Sierra Leone.” The training program was developed by researchers from the Arizona State University School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the Centre for Economic Research and Capacity Building in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was funded through the Applied Research Programme in Energy and Economic Growth, which is managed by Oxford Policy Management and funded by UK AID.

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